How Much Does Granite Countertops Cost

Published: 11th July 2009
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The cost of granite countertops depends on its extraction process. Quarrying of granites takes place in several countries like Africa, Brazil, and Maine. The cost for the countertops shoots the sky because of the amount of labor involved. The extraction of granite from mines consumes lot of time.

Therefore, when the products in the form of slabs and tiles hit the market, the price is a lot more than what was invested. However, they are a cost effective option, which means they benefit for years to come.

In addition, there is distinction between price costs of granite slabs, modular granite, and granite tiles.

Granite tiles are big money savers. Since, they are only like scraps created during extractions, they do not cost a lot. Several homeowners prefer the tiles. To install the granite tiles, you only need epoxy and not mortar and grout. To build a countertop with tiles is time consuming and equally difficult is the designing. However, the tiles are imperfect and not so high-end quality but they are cheaper options. Generally, the tiles cost $4 per square feet with thickness of 3/8'.

Modular granites made of tiles are ready made and of great use for those who believe in Do-It-Yourself tasks without any professional help. It comes as a complete package with comers, backsplashes, bullnoses, etc. They cost about $25 per square feet.

Slab granites are of highest quality. They come in giant slabs, which are then custom designed to suit the kitchen. Slab countertops cannot be installed own self. You need the help of professionals for installation. Slab installations are high end cost job. Cost of slab per square feet varies from every company to company. The minimum cost can be $30 per square feet to a maximum cost of $60 per square feet.

Irrespective of the costs, the strength, usefulness, and utility of the granite makes it a profitable investment. Bulk purchase of granite means discounts too on per square foot basis. There are numerous varieties of granite marble available with different natural colors and textures. Shopping for granites is not a daunting task. Only if you are clear about what you want will you be able to select the correct design.

Many homeowners prefer granite countertops for renovating kitchen. Apart from countertops, granites are used in other areas such as bathroom flooring, bathroom tiling, staircase building, barbeques etc.

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