How To Install Granite Countertops

Published: 11th July 2009
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Installing granite countertops requires expertise. Granite countertop cost more than other kitchen countertop material. By choosing to install granites, you have taken the correct decision. Granite countertops lend an aesthetic and elegant appeal to the kitchen.

So, what are all the steps involved in granite installation.

1. Granite Choosing- You need to choose the countertop. Granites come in variety of colors, texture, and designs. Granites available at California Bay Area have the largest collection of granites. Your decision will based on the interior of the kitchen. The countertop should gel with the interiors. Mismatched countertop will ruin the attraction of the kitchen.
2. Pre Installation- You need to remove the already existing countertop before installing the new one. Also, remove any attachments and basins beforehand. In totality, the area where you want to install the countertop must be clear of all things.
3. Designing- Select the design you want the professionals to mould the granite into. Again, the deciding factor of the countertop will depend on the overall look you want to give the kitchen. In addition, differences will come if you are using granite slabs or granite tiles. It is easy to mould the slabs and the tile designing is more time consuming.
4. Measurement- The company that you have hired for professional installation will send their representative over at your home to measure the space and determine the installations required. They will let you know what type of cabinets, or templates, or seams are needed for countertop installations. Sometimes specialized tools are also required, and the professionals are of a great help. With all measurements are hand, they will give you a rough estimate as to how much the installation will cost.
5. Support Creation- Before the countertops installation begin, the area needs to be made strong with the help of metal rods and plywood. A weak area with an equally weak support system will not be able to handle the weight of granite. As much as they are hard, they are heavy too.
6. Installation- The designing of granite will be done either at your home or at the company's factory, the choice is yours to decide. After the granite is given a shape, the professionals will install it on the designated space and glue it.
7. Sealing- This process is important to keep the slab safe and shiny as ever. Repeat the sealing every 6 months to keep the slabs glossy as ever.
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